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How to play the free local sex game the worst possible way

When it comes to hunting free local sex, you have to understand that this game is the same way as all other aspects of your life. You can either do things the easy way or do things the hard way. It really is your choice.

Unfortunately, most guys play the free local sex game in the worst way possible. They are completely clueless, and the whole experience ends up blowing up in their face.

I’m not just talking about women laughing behind your back. I’m not just talking about women avoiding you like the plague. That’s the easy stuff. Not getting laid is the least of your worries.

If you play the local sex game in the worst possible way, you are not only going to fail to get laid. You might even lose your job or lose a lot of money. In fact, if you play it really bad, you might even end up in jail. Ironically enough, you might end up finally getting hard-core anonymous sex. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong kind of sex. It’s hard, unforgiving, relentless anal sex in jail.

That’s the kind of sex that most straight guys are not looking for. So if you want to avoid that pain in the ass, then you need to pay attention to the tips below.

Never reveal your name

A lot of idiots reveal their name. I’m not saying that they reveal their name outright. But they drop obvious clues that it doesn’t take more than one brain cell to figure out who you are. Don’t engage in dimestore Sherlock Holmes games. Never ever drop clues regarding your name.

Act like a clingy little bitch

You have to understand that when you join a free local sex site, you need to man up. This means that you have to act in such a way that you believe that women need you more than you need them.

If you act like you need women and you’re desperate for women, you are going to be treated like a bitch. People are going to kick you to the curb and laugh behind your back. Whatever pussy you might get would be mercy pussy. You don’t want mercy pussy.

Talk shit about other dudes

Like I mentioned, you shouldn’t act like a little bitch. One of the pettiest things you could do is to talk shit about other guys. Mind your own business and take care of business. That’s how the game is played. You need to man the fuck up and stop playing petty games. This way you can start getting real pussy and local sex.