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Month: May, 2017

How to speed up your search for online BBW action

How to speed up your search for online BBW action

Onine BBW pussy is a reality, look at . That’s the great news. There is an unprecedented number of guys going online, fucking lots of hot, thick, flabby BBW pussy. If your fantasy is to bang as many overweight women as possible, you are in luck because online BBW is no longer the subject of teenage fantasy. It’s no longer the focus of so many wet dreams and many jerk-off sessions.

It’s an absolute reality that you yourself can turn into your own personal reality. That’s the good news. Now for the bad news; the problem with most online BBW dating websites is that they are sex rated.

Now you might be thinking "This is great news, because if they’re sex-related, then there’s more than enough women to go around." Unfortunately, this is not the case. The saturation stems from the fact that more and more American men are waking up to the reality that overweight women are great sex partners.

You have to remember that when you have sex with an overweight woman, she is trying to please you. She’s got something to prove. She got all these misconceptions that she’s working against. Not surprisingly, she’s going to put up a lot more energy, fire power, and focus into her sex game.

There’s a lot of good pussy under that flab. Don’t let that fact escape you. Since you have that to deal with, you would realize that a lot of guys would love that. A lot of guys would step up to the plate and try to fuck as many overweight women as possible. This screws up the whole dating dynamics; all the statistical projections and standard rules of the game go out the window.

This is why it’s really important to play the online BBW game the exact same way as you would play other specialties dating websites. I am of course talking about the numbers’ game. You need to send that profile out to as many women as possible. It doesn’t matter what time of day; it doesn’t matter where they’re from, as long as they’re within a specific geographic area, you are good to go.

You have to play that numbers games; you have to keep working it because you have to make your numbers work for you instead of how they normally work against you. Once you’re able to play the numbers’ game, make sure that your profile is air tight. In other words, post the right message that sends all the right graphical signal, as well as, textual innuendos to excite the right women.

Unfortunately, there’s no magic bullet solution. This is something you have to keep at practicing until you get it right.  

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